Join Forces with Honda of Salem for Regular Oil Changes and Superior Onsite Service

Let's face it: there are probably a hundred things you can think of off the top of your head that you would rather do than go get your oil changed. We're not saying you have to look forward to your next oil change per say. But recognize the importance of this absolutely vital service and in the long run when you extend your car's lifespan, prevent inconvenient breakdowns, and avoid complicated and costly repairs, we think you'll come to have a newfound appreciation for your regularly schedules oil change.

Schedule Your Oil Change with Honda of Salem

Here at Honda of Salem, our team suggests you look into getting your oil changed in accordance to the recommendations of your car's manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, while other say their cars can go as long as 12,000 miles between oil changes. Oil is the lifeblood of your automobile. It keeps many of the components of the engine working properly and efficiently. Not only will our trained technicians drain your car of its old oil and replace it with fresh new oil, they'll also replace the filter in your car to ensure that contaminants do not continue to build up in your car's oil after it has been replaced.

For additional incentive to getting your oil changed, we encourage you to check out our current, frequently updated service specials, as well as our LifetimeOil & Filter Program.

We know not every service center is created equal. We also know you're in a hurry, and there are places you would rather be than sitting around waiting for your oil to be changed. That's why we are dedicated to getting you in and out and back to your day faster. Simply fill out our quick onlineservice request and leave the dirty work up to our experts here at Honda of Salem.


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