Entertaining Children on a Road Trip

We believe at Honda of Salem that everybody should be able to take a summer road trip at least once in their lives. Such a trip is nearly always an experience that lasts a lifetime for everybody involved. While the excitement of heading out on this kind of trip is often enough to keep everybody hyped up for a short while, eventually other sources of entertainment will be needed to engage the younger crowd.

Depending on the age of the child involved and their personality, different games may be appropriate for them, but here are some suggestions that will work…

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Are You Thinking About Buying an SUV?

SUVs remain perennially popular vehicles on the road. Lifetime car owners may think about purchasing one as their next vehicle. Never having owned an SUV before, they may be on the bubble with their decision. A brief look at the benefits of owning an SUV could sway them.

For families, SUVs can be a smart purchase. All the extra space inside the vehicle transports many people comfortably. Those who do a lot of traveling appreciate the added space. A lot of cargo fits inside one of these models. Despite the size, an SUV still gets good gas mileage.

Due to…

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Does Your Car Need an Alignment?

How do you know when you need a car alignment? You can often tell by the way that your car will pull to one direction or one another as you're driving. You may notice that your wheel vibrates or turns slightly to one direction when you take your hands off. However, you can easily fix this with a quick visit to a mechanic. A car alignment will allow you to bring the car's suspension into an accurate configuration, positioning the axle and wheels so that they turn in the same direction.

Mechanics know the precise measurements that your…
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Choosing the Right Brake Pads for Your Vehicle

At Honda of Salem, we understand the importance of having high-quality brake pads on your vehicle regardless of the type of driving you do. Whether you have a heavy truck for towing or a small sedan for commuting, we'll make sure your brakes are up for the job.

Brake pads work by being pressed against a rotor to create friction to slow it down. Pads will wear out on regular intervals and need to be serviced to ensure that your car is safe. Performance pads can lead to exceptional braking but are not needed for most driving conditions.


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Make More of Your Space on the Road with the Honda Odyssey's Magic Slide Seat System

One of the biggest selling points of a minivan is the unmatched space they offer on the inside. Whether you're looking to seat the whole family or just have a healthy love for legroom, a spacious interior has a lot of a benefits. It's especially nice when you're driving a vehicle that provides the tools to properly use it. With the Honda Odyssey Magic Slide second-row seating system, you'll have some of the best tools in the business.

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What is the difference between a compact temporary and a full-size spare tire?

These days, there's more than one type of spare tire to choose from. There are traditional compact temporary spares, aka 'donuts', but now there are also full-sized spares. A compact temporary spare takes up less storage space in your vehicle. But these tires are designed for slow speeds and have very shallow treads. They need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Full-sized spares come in two varieties. The first is a matching spare. That means it is the same as your other tires. If you use a full-sized matching spare, you can even rotate it with your other…
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How Important is Engine Cooling & Radiator System Servicing?

The importance of having the cooling system in your vehicle maintained cannot be understated. These are a few of the parts of the cooling system a mechanic will get eyes on.

The water pump has the difficult job of moving the coolant to the engine and radiator to be cooled. The belts to the water pump and bearing inside need to be checked often.

The radiator is where the engine coolant goes to be cooled. If there is any blockages or the radiator cap itself is the wrong pressure, the coolant could escape and leave those moving parts exposed.

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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

If you have ever been going up a high hill and then speeding down it in Salem and suddenly felt as though your brakes weren't catching as well as they usually do, you understand how uncomfortable a feeling that can be. There are other warning signs rather than your eyes or a feeling that will help tell whether or not your brake pedal, or more, needs to be fixed.

In most cars, the brake pedal should be quite firm when it's depressed. this doesn't mean it will be fighting you when you step on it, but you…

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Vehicle Battery Testing Suggestions

Routine car battery testing is critical for all drivers who care about ease and convenience. Testing can help vehicle owners determine whether their batteries are due for replacement, too. If you want to know how to test your car's battery properly, there are various options can be immensely useful.

Shut off your vehicle lights prior to beginning testing. Shut off the ignition key, too. Attach the designated red voltmeter assessment lead directly to the positive terminal for your vehicle's battery. Attach the black one to the negative terminal for your battery as well. That's...

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