Stay Charged All Year Round--Let Honda of Salem Handle All Your Car Battery Needs

It seems like our car batteries tend to die on us at the most inconvenient of times -- either when we're in a rush out the door or far from home. Here in Salem we get our fair share of frigid temperatures, and most of us are aware of the effect the climate has on our cars and their batteries. What you may not be aware of however, is that batteries have a "shelf life" of about three to five years.

Cue our Honda of Salem Service Center. We're here to offer battery inspections and service to see if your battery can be salvaged or if it simply needs replacing.

You probably don't need us to tell you that your car's battery is essential to the life of your car; without it working properly, your car won't be provided with the charge it needs to start the engine or power accessories such as its lights or wiper blades. Signs that your battery might be on the brink of death? Well, if your car won't start that's a no-brainer, but also keep an eye out for fading lights on your dashboard or even a slight stutter when you start your car. These are examples of ways that your car "talks" to you, telling you that its battery is on its last life.

You can also catch a failing battery before it has the chance to sneak up and die at the worst possible of time. Bring your vehicle to our shop once a year after your battery turns three years old, and we will test it and your entire charging system for any issues. We can also perform basic maintenance on your battery by removing any corrosion on it and applying a protective coating to prevent it from reappearing.

Allow our highly trained service specialists to handle all of your car battery needs. Visit us here at Honda of Salem located at 1101 Van Ness Ave NE, Salem for the top-notch service you and your car deserve.

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