Honda Of Salem Tire Center

Many drivers in the Beaverton area stay on top of changing their oil and making sure their cars are up to date with inspection. With so many different parts of your vehicle that need attention it can be easy to forget about your tires and without them, you wouldn't get very far. But how do you know what tires are right for your car, truck or SUV? When do you need to get new tires? What kind of tires? There are a lot of questions about tires and the Honda of Salem tire center is here to help.

How Often Does My Honda Need New Tires?

No two drivers in the Albany area are the same. So there is no one solid answer for how long tires will last. Depending on your driving habits and style your tires will wear differently. Most tires today are designed to last between fifty and sixty thousand miles and if you are someone who drives a lot every day you may wear your tires down faster. Many drivers in our area have two sets of tires, one for summer and one for winter, which will extend the life of your tiers. You have probably have tested the depth of the treads on your tires by placing a penny in the tread to see Lincolns head. But there are a few other ways to tell if you need new tires. If you feel vibrations coming from your seat or are losing tire pressure quickly your tires may wearing unevenly or have a hole in the side wall.

Which Tires Will Fit My Honda?

Tires come in all shapes and sizes to match your Honda Civic, Honda Pilot, and Honda Ridgeline. Our parts department will help you find the correct size tires you need for your Honda. Our parts team will also help you find the correct style of tires for the type of driving you do. If you drive a Honda Civic Type R you will most likely want performance tires because they have a stiffer sidewall that can handle higher speeds and cornering. Performance tires are made from softer rubber which means they will wear down faster. Previously we mentioned most drivers have two sets of tires; summer and winter. Winter tires have thick deep treads that provide traction on slippery surfaces and are made from soft rubber to handle the cold weather. Summer tires are designed for speed and agility with less grooving to provide more contact with the road as well as prevent hydroplaning.

Our parts team is here to help you find the perfect set of tires for your Honda Odyssey, Honda Accord, or Honda Fit. If you need to have your tires changes over or rotated give our service team a call at 888-522-3949 or make an appointment online. Then make your way down to Honda of Salem at 1101 Van Ness Ave in Salem, OR.