If you're seeking out tire services, we can offer them to you at Honda of Salem. We are here to help you know when it is time to replace the tires, and how to keep your tires lasting a long time so you enjoy many miles out on the road.

You should get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to allow for the tread to wear evenly, and maximize the life cycle of the tires. Additionally, we recommend getting an alignment as that aligns the suspension and axles so your tires touch the road correctly. You should do this at least once a year or every six months depending on your driving. To know when you need new tires, you can test at home. If the tread is warn and looks bare that is one sign. Another is to test it by using a penny and if you see the top of the head when placed downward it means you need new tires.

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