When you’re trying to make it through the winter in Oregon, we have some recommendations. At Honda of Salem, we want to make sure you make a winter survival kit. This can go into a crate in the trunk or placed in a bag on the backseat. However you store it is up to you as long as you have the necessary supplies.

First, consider the various problems that you might encounter in the winter. You will want to have snow chains and a windshield scraper. If you’re trapped in a lot of snow, consider adding a shovel to the mix. A first-aid kit and some road flares should be included in your kit, too.

You won’t know how long it will take to get out of your predicament. Prepare by having blankets, gloves, and a jacket. You should have bottles of water and some high-protein snack bars in the car in case you will be in there for a few hours.



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