The occasional flat tire is part of the driving experience. At Honda of Salem, we want to prepare you to easily handle situations we all encounter on the road, so let's cover flat tire replacement tips.

If a tire goes flat with your car in motion, turn on your flashers. Slow your car. Proceed cautiously. You must find firm, level ground before you stop. Remove your spare tire from your trunk, then properly place your jack. Before raising your car, loosen each lug nut on your flat tire's wheel a half turn. This will help you quickly remove the nuts once you lift the car.

After you swap tires, start the lug nuts by hand, then tighten them with your wrench. Do not finish tightening them until you lower your car. Next, secure your jack and flat tire in your trunk. If your spare tire is a mini-spare, do not exceed the maximum speed imprinted on it. Get your flat tire fixed soon.



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