Shoppers seeking spacious, comfortable rides will love the look and feel of crossovers. Much like SUVs, crossovers are designed to accommodate lots of passengers. However, unlike full-size SUVs, these vehicles are built on car platforms and thus, they offer excellent maneuverability and handling. At Honda of Salem, we're excited to share two convincing reasons to purchase a crossover.

Get Great Fuel Economy

Many of the latest crossover designs offer amazing fuel economy. With fewer features and a greater range of options, shoppers can secure relatively lightweight vehicles that are built to suit their needs. Best of all they'll get more miles to the gallon than if driving full-size SUVs or wagons.

Choose A Crossover With Third Row Seats

If your family is a large one or if you regularly travel with a large group of friends, you may want to consider crossovers for the benefit of third row seating. You can bring more people along on your road trips while still saving at the pump. For additional details on the benefits of driving crossovers or to take one out for a test drive, come see us at Honda of Salem today.


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