To interface with automotive technology in an astonishingly evolved fashion, today’s most committed drivers are making the transition to a well-rounded Honda Odyssey. With an amazing bounty of gadgetry, this wild minivan is a triumphant hit across the board.

Salem is going absolutely nuts for some of this ride’s futuristic features. A comprehensive amount of control is created by the powerful HondaLink system. This incredible software enables the ability to connect with your van from afar. By using your phone, you can check the fuel meter, start the engine, and lock or unlock doors.

Multi-Zone Audio ushers a highly personalized approach to music, and it grants intricate adjustments across the available 11-speaker arrangement. Sound can be centralized or localized with ease. There is simply no way to completely explain the greatness of these virtual apparatuses, so the best avenue available is a specialized test-driving event with Honda of Salem. Just be prepared for an extravagant technological exhibition.


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