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Is there anything worse than finding out one of your tires is flat? Driving on a "donut" spare and suffering a blowout on the highway could be much worse. Sometimes, drivers do suffer such dangerous blowouts because they don't know the limitations of a compact temporary tire. Perhaps they would be better off with a full-size spare.

A temporary compact spare tire is undersized and requires a massive 60 PSI to inflate. The tire isn't intended for long-term driving. The tire can't handle all speeds and road conditions. Usually, the tire allows for traveling short distances until procuring a spare.

A full-size tire is the same size as the standard tires on the car. A full-sized tire might not match the other tires, though. Some full-sized tires are also only intended as temporary replacements.

Do you need new tires for your car or an extra spare? At Honda of Salem, we can help you with your tire needs.



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