Inner Electronics can be the Seat of Starter Problems

There may be few sounds as comforting as hearing a vehicle engine start up during nasty winter weather. To make this happen, car owners must take care to maintain and periodically inspect their engine components. One engine system that is central to the starting process is the starter motor itself.

Starter motors are specialized components that can be very simple or intricate in design. In either case, starter motors often include interior and exterior electronic devices and connections that need to be maintained in order to prevent failure. As starter motor electronics begin to fail, they may act in certain characteristic ways. The starter solenoid is an electrical component that is central to proper starter operation. Solenoids are both electrical and mechanical tools that can conduct current and engage starters with motor fly wheels. As such, the solenoid is truly central to starter function.

Drivers who suspect that a faulty solenoid may be preventing their engines from starting can try a simple test. First, they should crank their keys, after which they should lightly shift their transmission handles. If nothing happens, the solenoid may be the culprit.


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