The crossover vehicle occupies a space between the sedan and the truck. It combines the luxury of the sedan with the capability of a truck. The term is often used interchangeability with SUV though technically a crossover’s not an SUV.

Vehicle manufacturers combine truck bodies with box frames while sedans use unibody frames. Unibody frames enable a vehicle to have greater comfort and better economy. Crossovers offer unibody virtues with the off-road capability of a truck.

Crossovers turn to the minivan crowd for buyers. Minivans fairly burst with luxurious interiors and dynamic technology packages. The kids sit entertained in the back while the parent drives. Minivans may be comfortable, but they aren’t nimble, powerful or economical even. The crossover offers minivan owners all the technology and space of minivans. In addition, it offers increased power, handling and economy. Many crossovers even offer third-row seating that's the perfect size for kids.

If you want to discover for yourself what makes a crossover desirable, take a test drive at a dealer today.



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