At Honda of Salem, we note that some people do not maintain their tires as well as they should. To heighten your safety as you drive around Salem, we want to educate you about tire care. When you maintain your tires, they last longer, and tire maintenance is easy.

Routinely check your tires' pressure with an air-pressure gauge. Add or reduce air to the air-pressure value recommended in your automobile's manual. Over-inflated tires will poorly distribute your car's weight. Under-inflated tires will make your car handle badly. Both conditions can require early tire replacement.

You may have heard about a popular penny trick to check your tires' tread wear. Today's tires provide an alternative method via wear bars. Spaced evenly across a tire's grooves, these raised bars indicate the minimum amount of tread for safe operation. When a tire's wear bars show no rubber above them, you should replace the tire.



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