Though your truck may be tough, it still has its limits. It's important to understand these limits to ensure you don't do permanent damage to your truck that could cost thousands to fix. To help understand your truck's limits, we at Honda of Salem offer this explanation of the differences between two of those limits: the payload and towing capacity.

Payload refers to whatever is inside the truck (including the bed) that is not a part of the truck itself. This is a limit that is closely related to the strength of the materials from which the truck is made. Every little and big thing counts, so if you're hauling a heavy load in the bed, pay close attention to the weight of anything else you're hauling.

When it comes to towing capacity, the limits are usually higher, since this refers to the weight that your truck can pull via a hitch. Most of the weight of the trailer is supported by the trailer itself, so the more important aspect is the power of the engine to be able to move this weight around Salem.

If your truck is underperforming when it comes to its limits, it's important to stop by our service center as soon as possible to ensure everything is operating as it should.



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