Drivers like you may sometimes consider using winter tires all year. That would only be appropriate if we lived on Antarctica.

At Honda of Salem, we understand cars thoroughly, so we know that each tire model has a specialty. Winter tires drive well in slick, cold conditions. Summer tires handle nimbly on warm, dry pavement. And all-season tires should be forcibly renamed three-season tires. While winter tires are perfect for winter driving, they are below optimal in summer.

Snow tires and ice-rated tires feature tread patterns that fight slickness and find traction where other models slide. They also sport deep grooves that move snow and slush from under your car's footprint. Alas, those characteristics fight against you in summer conditions. Further, winter tires feature soft rubber that grips better in cold temperatures. Such rubber is too soft on summer roads. We strongly advise you to use winter tires in winter and summer tires in summer.



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