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Brake fluid is also called hydraulic fluid and is a vital substance that helps your vehicle's braking system function. It is found within the brake lines and is needed to keep your brakes in optimal condition. If your vehicle doesn't have brake fluid, it won't be possible to stop the car when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. We invite you to read our content below to learn more about brake fluid.

There are two types of brake fluids that are either silicone-based or glycol-based. If your vehicle doesn't have an Anti-lock Brake System, your vehicle will more than likely need a glycol-based brake fluid. Vehicles that don't have an ABS will typically need a silicone-based brake fluid. Many individuals have their brake fluid changed every year or so, but every vehicle has different maintenance needs, which is why it is best to use your owner's handbook as a guide. You can also speak with one of our service technicians as well to see when it should be changed.

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