Getting Your Used Car for the Right Price

Typically, pre-owned vehicles have a more flexible purchasing price than new alternatives. As a result, you may need to haggle to get a fair deal. We want you to make an informed purchasing decision, so here are some tips on how to negotiate.

First, you'll want to gather information about your desired vehicle. You should get the true market value of the car and bring that information with you when you see a dealer. You can use that data to create your first offer. You can also use it as leverage when you reach your final offer. It's recommended that you start low so that the offer has room to grow. The most important thing to remember is that you should never settle for a deal you're not comfortable. Don't be afraid to walk away and find the same car at another dealership.

We invite you to stop by the showroom at Honda of Salem. We're conveniently located in Salem, OR. We have a large collection of used cars that you can test drive.



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