Does Your Car Need an Alignment?

How do you know when you need a car alignment? You can often tell by the way that your car will pull to one direction or one another as you're driving. You may notice that your wheel vibrates or turns slightly to one direction when you take your hands off. However, you can easily fix this with a quick visit to a mechanic. A car alignment will allow you to bring the car's suspension into an accurate configuration, positioning the axle and wheels so that they turn in the same direction.

Mechanics know the precise measurements that your vehicle manufacturer specifies so that you correctly angle the axle and wheels according to toe, thrust, camber, and caster. These all influence the position and movement of your wheels. It's important that your mechanic uses a tool for this procedure as there are tools and computer diagnostics that will precisely angle your axles so that it aligns perfectly for your suspension.

You can visit the mechanics at Honda of Salem to get the most accurate alignment.



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