Entertaining Children on a Road Trip

We believe at Honda of Salem that everybody should be able to take a summer road trip at least once in their lives. Such a trip is nearly always an experience that lasts a lifetime for everybody involved. While the excitement of heading out on this kind of trip is often enough to keep everybody hyped up for a short while, eventually other sources of entertainment will be needed to engage the younger crowd.

Depending on the age of the child involved and their personality, different games may be appropriate for them, but here are some suggestions that will work for many kids. I Spy is a classic that kids have been playing on road trips for decades. The constantly changing landscape and scenery is ripe for the picking. For the older children that are interested in more complex games, travel versions of tic-tac-toe, chess, or checkers may be more appropriate.

Regardless of the games that you have chosen to bring with you, you should make sure that your vehicle is up to the task of completing a road trip. We recommend that you bring it by our dealership in Salem, so that our experienced technicians can take a look under the hood and check that its ready for the road.



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