How Important is Engine Cooling & Radiator System Servicing?

The importance of having the cooling system in your vehicle maintained cannot be understated. These are a few of the parts of the cooling system a mechanic will get eyes on.

The water pump has the difficult job of moving the coolant to the engine and radiator to be cooled. The belts to the water pump and bearing inside need to be checked often.

The radiator is where the engine coolant goes to be cooled. If there is any blockages or the radiator cap itself is the wrong pressure, the coolant could escape and leave those moving parts exposed.

The thermostat has to be working perfectly in order to be able to maintain the temperatures of the coolant as it reaches the engine to keep those parts cooler.

Be sure to call Honda of Salem so we can schedule your cooling system check-up and get a professional to look at your vehicle.
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